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About Us

Isoterma Cero is a first-rate equipment service and rental company based in Malalcahuello, Chile. In 2012 founders Ignacio Donoso and Natalia Corail began their dream by providing a professional ski and splitboard guide service based on extensive geographical knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the Araucanian climate. After a couple of years, Isoterma Cero shifted the focus to strengthening its mountain equipment rental services by committing to the company’s values from the inception; quality equipment and first-class customer service. Today, Isoterma Cero has a complete and modern fleet of skis, snowboards, randonnée gear, and mountain bikes, along with all the tools necessary to enjoy the mountains year-round.

Our Ski Rental in Malalcahuello, Cruce La Paloma

Ignacio Donoso

Ignacio “Nacho” Donoso co-founder of Isoterma Cero has extensive experience in the mountains and outdoor sports equipment, key elements to leading this type of service.  Alongside his strong foundation as a professional ski-man and expert mountain guide, Nacho has a respected competitive history, standing out as a 2 time National Mountain Ski Champion.

Nacho has an innate connection with the local weather and a profound understanding of Malalcahuello’s geographical aspects. Before and after the training of a competitive mountain ski-man Nacho takes time to inspire and teach his two children so that the next generation will be just as strong!

Natalia Corail

Natalia “Nati” Corail is the other powerhouse co-founder of Isoterma Cero in Malalcahuello.  She is a national sports icon for snowboarding and revered as a female splitboard pioneer in Chile. Recently she has stood out as a freerider, highlighted by her 2 consecutive years as a National Mountain Ski Campion and her second-place snowboard finish in the National Freeride Tour.  

On top of all this, Nati is a committed inspirational mother of two beaming children and an excellent snowboard instructor with a degree in business administration specializing in adventure tourism.  


Teresita Cordova

Teresa “Tere” Cordova is the administrator of Isoterma Cero market. Born and raised in Malalcahuello, Tere knows the zone like the palm of her hand. Teresita is a lover of nature with an expert sense of knowing her customer’s needs. There is no doubt that her wholeheartedness and knowledge of Malalcahuello’s story are great strengths at Isoterma Cero.

Tere also has knowledge in mountain medicine, she has a Wilderness First Aid Certification, and is constantly improving herself as much in her work as she is in her outdoor experiences.

Fabian Alvarado

Fabian “Fabi” Alvarado hails from the region of Valparaíso where he spent his childhood and then his time growing into a professional ski-man in the central zone of the Chilean Andes. The well-known ski resort of Portillo is where he first wet his lips and then honed his skills as a professional ski-man with a high standards background.  

Fabi splits his time as a professional ski-man at Isoterma Cero with his passion for skiing, both of which have kept him busy chasing powder dreams in the Chilean mountains and Andorra. Fabi puts love into his work and the results are easy to see.

Nicole Peñailillo

Nicol “Nico” Peñailillo grew up in Curacautín, Nico has been part of the Isoterma Cero team since 2018. Nicol has great customer service skills and her professionalism shows in her day to day work. Nico today divides her time between her work at Isoterma Cero and her professional studies in Occupational Therapy.

Nico is a woman committed to her work and with excellent social skills, highlighted by her good humor and caring attention to customer service.

Carolina Ríos

Carolina Ríos is a part-timer team member at Isoterma Cero. Originally from Venezuela, Carolina stands out for her kindness and excellent relationship with clients. She stands out for a constant spirit of improvement and for wearing a smile at all times. Carolina is a professional in the area of education who shares her time between teaching school children in Curacautín and her work at Isoterma Cero. Carolina is also a lover of nature’s splendor who enjoys the beauty of outdoor activities.


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